‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 4 review: Who is Happy’s husband? Another Toby surprise

Scorpion -While we’ve certainly had plenty of “Scorpion” episodes over the past season or two that provided a healthy amount of laughs, we’d say that for the most part, Monday’s “Little Boy Lost” ventured into more serious situations — hot dog innovations aside. It’s hard to cultivate a story about a missing autistic child while also providing belly-laughs. The show did the best job that it could this time telling an action-packed story with personal stakes, which can be even more important than a generic “save the world” mission that we’ve seen here and there. By the time we got to that point where the mission went to a larger scale, we were already invested.

The missing boy at the center of the story was Daniel, a friend of Ralph’s from school, and his mother and Paige found some common ground over the course of the story. They related to one another’s struggles, and she was able to be for this woman during her time of need. Paige also proved to have the right insight in stopping the crisis near the end of the hour, as well.

Toby investigated Happy’s husband – Aside from this case, the start of the episode featured Toby visiting Collins in prison, where he was given a riddle that he could use in order to figure out precisely who the man was. We didn’t get much more of an update for most of the hour … but then, we learned in the closing minutes that it was WALTER? This was surprising, and frankly that riddle proved to be simple to solve. As it turns out, this marriage was all about Walter keeping his visa.

However, she wants a divorce now. Why? She’s pregnant! This certainly complicates things, right?

Grade: B+. If you love action, we do think that this installment delivered that. Also, a great performance from Katharine McPhee. Our biggest critique here is that this particular episode was a little too focused on the story of the week. We did get those big reveals with Happy at the end, but they felt a little rushed due to time constraints.

Next week – We’re heading to a museum! Granted, we don’t know a whole lot of what is going to happen here, but it does absolutely seem like a lot of fun. Head over here to get some other insight into what’s coming. (Photo: CBS.)

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