‘Supergirl’ season 2, episode 2 review: Cat Grant’s announcement, Superman’s exit, and Mon-El’s move

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On Monday night’s new episode of “Supergirl,” there were story developments aplenty — and to go along with that, there was a heck of a lot of relationship tension to go along with it. We’re not talking about romance in the wake of what happened with James and Kara last week.

Instead, this week we put the focus more on the relationship between Kara and Alex, which became strained over time thanks to the amount of time Supergirl was spending with her cousin. This also frustrated Hank and the crew at the DEO, who wanted her more around to work alongside them. While a little melodramatic at times, the point was clearly taken that Kara could not just forget where she came from and the people she was accustomed to working with just because her super-powered cousin was in town.

As a matter of fact, she relied on Alex and Hank in order to eventually defeat Metallo, the boring but effective villain at the center of the hour who had the ability to use Kryptonite to further destroy his adversaries. It’s the power of teamwork! Aw. Superman left at the episode’s end, but odds are he’ll be back eventually. The cliffhanger was that Mon-El’s awake — who knows what he will do from here?

Professionally this week, Kara Danvers learned that Cat Grant was leaving CatCo for a time, just in case you needed some further evidence that Calista Flockhart was not going to be around for much of the season. Meanwhile, we also met Kara’s new boss Snapper Carr, a man so frustrated that she was working there that he even refused to acknowledge her employment for most of the episode. Here’s what doesn’t make a whole lot of sense: James, who’s only worked at CatCo for a season, is now in charge? That just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

At least if nothing else the show ended with Kara finding a way to impress Snapper with her reporting enough to give her a space in his office. He, if nothing else, respects her ambition.

Grade: B-. There were fun moments, but the show at times does rely a little too much on hokey platitudes. The battle scenes were cool, but James suddenly being an executive makes almost no sense.

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