NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Aaron Gibson, Sa’Rayah, Darby Walker, Nolan Neal rock Battle Rounds

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Fans of “The Voice,” get ready to celebrate! The next Battle Round show is here, and we’re getting set to have some updates of the show as it happens! We’re hoping to see some more steals, but more than that a few performances that actually stand out in the long-term. It may not always be easy to deliver performances at this stage that we remember come finale time, but we’ve seen it happen — and when it does, it’s all the more special given that you’ll have two people finding a way to be perfectly in sync.

As per usual, we’re going to be updating this live review with some more updates of the battles (and the results of said battles) over the course of the night. Stay tuned!

Johnny Rez versus Nolan Neal, Team Adam – Our first battle of the night, and set to “Sledgehammer.” It was a very good vocal performance, one dominated with some classic rock vibes that we very much enjoyed. In the end, though, Nolan had the most consistent performance and won. What surprised us was mostly that there was no steal at the end of it.

Darby Walker vs. Karlee Metzger, Team Miley – This proved itself to be really entertaining! We’re not surprised, given that both of these ladies were great in the blind auditions. It was just tough for Karlee here, given that Darby was such a standout in the blind auditions and she has such a unique voice and vibe that is likely appealing to Miley. Yet, Blake was there with the steal!

Josh Gallagher vs. Blaine Long, Team Blake – Really solid performance from both guys, and for the most part, they did a pretty good job with this! Our biggest concern after watching this was that Josh could get a little lost in the shuffle moving forward … but he did advance for now.

Josh Halverson vs. Kylie Rothfield, Team Alicia – After some really frustrating montages (what do we gotta do to give Belle Jewel some love?), we then got this heck of a performance! GREAT vocals; “The House of the Rising Sun” is a consistently solid singing-show choice, and they did it really well. Loved the acapella parts of this. Miley came in for the steal, and thankfully Josh lives to perform another day after Kylie stayed on Team Alicia.

Christian Fermin vs. Gabe Broussard, Team Blake – Hey, it’s “The Reason,” everyone’s favorite Hoobastank song that they forgot about from a year or two ago! This song has the potential to be incredibly hokey, but we do think that these two did a good job. We just feel like Gabe resonated with it a little more, and that’s why he was the victor here.

Aaron Gibson vs. Sa’Rayah, Team Miley – This was the Battle of the night, and not just because they both had great voices. They also just managed to WORK the stage and show us how badly they wanted to move forward in the competition! Sa’Rayah had her choice of coaches after Miley stuck with Aaron, and she chose Alicia.

For some other news when it comes to “The Voice,” be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: NBC.)

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