Nathan Fillion opens up on ‘Castle’ cancellation, controversial ending

There are few final seasons that we can think of as polarizing as “Castle” season 8, with maybe “Dexter” season 8 being somewhere high on that list, as well. There were a number of issues in it, whether it be the lack of significant Castle – Beckett screen time to also the tacked-on ending to the series finale, something that was filmed only as a just-in-case option. At one point, there was talk about a season 9 before ABC opted to cancel the series at the last minute.

In looking back at the ending now per the New York Post, star Nathan Fillion admits that it did not have the sunshine-and-rainbows end that he or so many other fans wanted, but in the end, he views the experience as a net positive:

“It wasn’t the beautiful send-off that I think maybe you could hope for … It’s the entertainment industry, it’s a business, I get [the cancellation]. I don’t take it personally when a show gets canceled — I can’t take it personally, all my shows gets canceled! Look at my resume, it’s a long list of canceled TV shows.

“The fact is, I made a lot of great friends on a really great show. I’m really happy for everything that that show has done for me.”

Ultimately, we imagine that we are going to be seeing Fillion land another major TV role at some point, but thanks to the show’s lengthy run, he probably doesn’t feel pressure to come back. For now, he’s got a gig on “Modern Family,” and he can enjoy a little bit of extra time while looking at potential projects for the future.

At the time of this writing, one former “Castle” star in Jon Huertas has clearly won big, as his new show “This Is Us” is regarded by many as the best new show of the fall season. It’s also delivering enormous ratings.

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