‘Quantico’ season 2, episode 3 review: Is The Farm already compromised?

Quantico -Quantico” is a very exciting show when it’s firing on all cylinders. There aren’t many others out there that deliver as adequately the suspense, the twists, or the interesting characters that we see here. It’s also wonderfully diverse and gives you a sense of the world on the global scale.

Here’s the main issue that we have with the series even still: It’s very formulaic. Every week there is some sort of training mission, where Alex and her fellow trainees learn a thing or two about how to operate in the field. Tonight, she and many others went out into the field for an exercise full of successes and failures. Really, for Owen it was a chance to laugh at them down the road for forgetting to always be alert and not seeing the danger that was literally flying right above them.

To us, the most interesting development here actually took place between Owen and Lydia, as she figured out that he was the responsible party for taking her away from what she wanted in order to become a teacher with her at The Farm. We already knew that the guy was shady, but this was further proof. What also added to the shadiness was that apparently, The Farm was already bugged.

As for the future – This, once more, proved to be very compelling given that Alex found herself going undercover in order to infiltrate the terrorist group responses for the hostage crisis / said beheading we mentioned earlier. This required her at times to do some DRASTIC measures, including taking out someone else with Farm connections in her own way. Miranda is also still up to something, but through this one episode, the extent of who knows the truth is not entirely clear. What we DO know is this: That reveal of Alex wearing that suit and going fully undercover at the end of the episode was awesome. That’s why you want to keep watching this show through its frustrations.

Overall, we’d said that the final fifteen minutes were about 90% better than the first 45; if there was more consistency, we’d be handing down a better grade. Grade: B-.

Next week – We’re going to see some more surprising twists, and in the future, a trade request could prove to have some major consequences. Head over here for more. (Photo: ABC.)

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