‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: The official week 3 nominations; America’s nominee debate

Kryssie -Nominations in the “Big Brother” house do tend to be rather fun when there is a surprise blindside that happens at the end of it. Unfortunately, that did not exactly happen with the Safety Ceremony on Sunday. Everyone in the house by and large knew what was going to happen: Kryssie and Neeley were going on the block by Scott, and from here, the debate would turn towards who America would want to nominate.

So with that, we are hear with the facts. As we just said, Kryssie and Neeley are on the block! One of the two of them could be leaving the game come Wednesday night, but at the moment, we doubt it for a couple of reasons.

1. America’s nominee – As of right now, there is a two-person debate going on between Morgan and Danielle as to who America should be putting up. To us, it really boils down to this: Fans of Jason / Justin want to ensure that the Misfits side continues to dominate the game, and Morgan is a firm player on the Plastics / Ballsmashers / whatever you want to call them. Meanwhile, fans of the other alliance want to ensure that Danielle goes home, and this is a way to help that. There’s also an argument that this keeps the game more exciting, given that you’re not just watching one alliance crumble the other one over time.

2. The Veto Competition – Given that Scott is going to make it so that there are two Veto necklaces thanks to his Care Package, it’s possible that there could be much more flux than usual. If Danielle is nominated, though, he’s got much higher odds that he will be able to send home someone from the other alliance. The only real disaster is if people like Scott and Jason each win and remove nominations, unlikely as that is.

We’ll have some other news on “Big Brother,” as always, over at the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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