‘Madam Secretary’ season 3, episode 2 review: Jason McCord’s crisis at school one of many troubles

Madam Secretary -

Who is attacking the McCord family? That was the question at the center of “Madam Secretary” at present, given that what was originally just a hacking scandal turned into so much worse on Sunday night’s new episode.

For most of the hour, Elizabeth and Henry did their best to try to tell their children that they needed to have their electronic devices scrubbed; yet, at the same time, they declined telling them precisely what the reason for that was. They wanted to keep them in the dark for as long as possible, but that proved impossible when someone made a call into Jason’s school claiming that he had arrived with a gun and was threatening other students. That turned out to be nothing and he was okay; yet, it did make it abundantly clear that the entire family was in danger. While having the McCords in danger may not be good news for them, it absolutely works as compelling entertainment for the show. Given the position that she is in as Secretary of State and briefly a Vice-Presidential candidate, these are the sort of problems that would inevitably come in her direction.

The trouble in Algeria – After the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Algeria, there was a crisis that quickly started courtesy of a power-hungry leader who proved himself cooperative; in turn, the country started to run the risk of the country falling apart. After some methods of diplomacy failed to work, Elizabeth eventually had to step in and try to return the country towards an operating state, even if it meant some more shakeups at the top.

While Henry continued to battle terrorism with his own covert group, Elizabeth eventually did return home to see how the entire family was faring in the midst of all the chaos. This led us to the big reveal of the night: A shocking note that was left at Jason’s locker at school that made it clear that these attackers meant business, and that the situation was dire enough that the kids needed to be told.

Episode Grade: B. The Algeria storyline felt a little rushed for what it was, while the personal stuff for a change proved to be the exciting, dramatic meat of the episode.

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