‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 5 video: The best (and worst) party out there

Barbara -Monday night’s new episode of “Gotham” is right around the corner, and if you love chaos, all signs now seem to suggest that this is one that welcomes and embraces it! Also, it’s one that is going to give some of your villains more to do than they have in some time.

As the promo below reveals, Oswald Cobblepot is in the mood for some serious celebration, and can you really blame the guy? He’s finally getting what he wants as the Mayor of the city, and apparently Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan’s club will be open for business as a result of it. Things will get violent, which in Barbara’s mind probably is only going to make it all the more fun.

Now, let’s look at this for a moment from the perspective of Edward Nygma, a man who in his own way is trying to spice things up a little bit. He’s feeling empowered after being named Oswald’s Chief of Staff, despite not really doing much for him except in the final few minutes of this past episode. He’ll go back to the GCPD, strut his stuff around for a minute, and seemingly celebrate the fact that there’s nothing the police can do.

Random aside — we know that this show does like to present some of its cops as corrupt and out to do the wrong thing, but it’s interesting how none of them ever want to tow the line in an attempt to take down Nygma or Barbara even without the means to incriminate them. It certainly feels as though everyone’s well-aware they are not the textbook definition of “good people.” A more apt description is “people who should be in jail.”

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