‘Doctor Who’ alum Jenna Coleman comments on Clara / Ashildr spin-off idea

Doctor -As of right now, there’s no question that Jenna Coleman has a great career for herself. After all, she’s playing the title character on “Victoria,” which was recently renewed by ITV for a second season. It gets tremendous ratings, and she spends to much time of the year likely working on this that there may not be a whole lot of time for her to do much of anything else.

Yet, that is not stopping some of the questions about “Doctor Who” from coming in, and we presume that they are things she’s going to have to hear about in one way or another for the remainder of her career. It does make a certain degree of sense: When you are on a show like this that dominates around the world in terms of popularity, you’re going to be hit with questions all about it. This is something that she just has to expect, and be ready to contend with. This is why in particular she’s probably been asked often about questions regarding a spin-off with Maisie Williams’ character of Ashildr, given that the two rode off together in “Hell Bent,” the last episode featuring the two characters.

Given that Williams is also busy with “Game of Thrones” at present, it doesn’t seem logistically like there’s time for either party to make this happen. While Coleman didn’t necessary say it’ll never come to pass in a new interview with the Radio Times, it certainly doesn’t seem like this is something she’s planning at any point in the near future. After all, she feels very happy with the way her character was written out:

“Yeah, I think there’s a bit of interest from fans [of ‘Doctor Who’] in particular. I mean it’d be fun to do, but again maybe some things are best left in the imagination. I loved the exit. I thought [showrunner] Steven [Moffat] did an amazing job. And I like leaving it, in a way, where in the fan’s imagination she’s off in her own TARDIS still traveling. I wouldn’t want to unpick that in any way.”

For now, just be happy that we have more “Doctor Who” coming at Christmas, and then moving into 2017 with Pearl Mackie as the new Companion. You can read more about the series’ future without delay now over at the link here. (Photo: BBC.)

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