‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Have-Nots for week 3

Over the Top -

When it comes to the actual reveal as to who the Have-Nots are for “Big Brother: Over the Top,” we honestly could not care less. The Have-Not twist was interesting back in season 11 or 12, but at this point it mostly only exists to give some new social dynamics and for producers to have some goofy things to do regarding slop.

What does matter slightly more when it comes to Have-Nots now is that this gives us a little bit of a better sense of who America is liking and disliking at the moment. Not that because Scott and Morgan were Have-Nots last week, they cannot be this week. (Plus, Scott is Head of Household this week anyway.)

Voters decided this week to name Shelby, Alex, and Danielle Have-Nots, which is interesting for a couple of different reasons. First, we assumed that much of the public liked Alex, and we do think she’s playing as good of a game as she can be given the circumstances. She’s almost guilty by association in between Monte and the once-named Plastics alliance. Also, Shelby went through all that trouble finding her Krackle bars only to learn that she now can’t have them for the rest of the week?

Seeing Danielle as a Have-Not at least means that there’s a chance that someone from the other side could be nominated by America this week, which would mostly be interested for the sake of shaking up the game a little bit. While we love people like Justin and don’t want to see him go home, at the same time we do think the two sides battling for as long as possible only aids the show moving forward.

If you missed it, Scott seems to be planning to nominate both Kryssie and Neeley for eviction, and is hoping to get Shane and Danielle on the block down the road. (Photo: CBS.)

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