‘Shiptober: Could ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 bring genuine happiness for Daenerys?

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Mrs. Carter: Could Daenerys have a real romantic future on “Game of Thrones“?

To date, one of the most exciting things about watching Emilia Clarke’s character on the HBO show is her sovereignty. While she had true love early in the series with Drogo, he’s far removed from the equation at this point. She romanced Daario to a certain extent, but it was never a situation where she thought of him as a genuine partner for marriage. She’s someone who’s made her own decisions based on what she wants, and how she wants to get it. That’s been a powerful statement that hopefully many other showrunners can look at when it comes to devising romantic lives for people in powerful positions.

What makes the story of Daenerys so remarkable entering the final two seasons of the show is that she could never have another great love and still rule the Seven Kingdoms and be happy … provided that her armies win the battles necessary. In terms of her romantic future, it all comes down to whether she’d want to go there, and if there is anyone she could trust her heart with at this point in her life.

When you look at the field for possible love interests for her, right now there aren’t many. There may be many romantic suitors for her in terms of great allies, but would she really love someone based on marrying them for political reasons? It worked out with Drogo, but she was hardly set up with him on her own accord and as we all remember it didn’t start out with love. We know that there are plenty of fans out there ‘shipping her with Yara Greyjoy, and we’d be all about that if the show goes in that direction; they have a nice chemistry, and Yara could eventually end up commanding the Iron Islands once more.

Sure, there’s also Ser Jorah out there, but doesn’t he have enough to worry about right now in terms of his own health? Maybe there are some smaller fan groups rooting for her to end up with Tyrion, Theon, or even Jon Snow in an odd twist of fate given his lineage — stranger things have certainly happened with this show.

As we gear up for the final season of “Game of Thrones,” be sure to head over to the link here. Also, let us know in the poll below if you want to see Danaerys end up with someone — and who that someone could be. (Photo: HBO.)

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