‘Elementary’ season 5, episode 2 sneak peeks: More on ‘Worth Several Cities’

ElementaryCurious in seeing what CBS is bringing to the table with the next new episode of “Elementary“? We know that the show really made you wait for it to come on the air, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

This episode is entitled “Worth Several Cities,” and the first sneak peek below is all about Shinwell Johnson. Joan Watson is continuing to do what she can in an effort to rehabilitate Nelsan Ellis’ character following his time in prison, and this includes getting him set up with a new place to live. Through her sister, she was able to find him a place that didn’t mind his criminal record; while it may be humble insofar as furnishings, it’s certainly better than where he was.

Can Shinwell stay on the straight and narrow? That’s the question that you should be wondering as we continue to move forward into this episode. We do know that this is certainly what Sherlock Holmes is rather concerned about at present. At the moment, his major fear is that this could all come back to hurt Joan in some way, and he cares about her. Also, he’s lived the sort of life to date that has caused him to not be particularly trusting.

For those of you interested in watching this show more from the vantage point of mystery, rest assured that there will be some great stuff on that front in this episode, as well! Specifically, be prepared to see Holmes and Watson try to track down a mysterious artifact, one that could have implications beyond just in New York City. Hopefully, this will provide you with the spirit of adventure you crave.

If you’re interested in getting some further news right now when it comes to “Elementary,” rest assured that you can do that over at this link! (Photo: CBS.)



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