‘Madam Secretary’ season 3, episode 2 sneak peeks: Elizabeth’s home-security problem

Secretary -After a week off the air for the latest Presidential Debate, “Madam Secretary” is returning to the air on Sunday night with an episode entitled “The Linchpin.” Let’s just say that this one’s going to be rather far-reaching when it comes to content.

On the home front, things could be more stressful for the McCord family than ever before following a hack into Jason’s computer. Elizabeth, knowing that she was briefly a Vice-Presidential candidate and also that there are many people who could be curious in some national security secrets, has to do everything that she can to protect both herself and those close to her. With that in mind, one of the big storylines on this episode is going to be the family trying to get everything under control. They decide, at least at first, to not tell their children precisely what is going on with the hack, other than that the Secret Service need to help take part in a sweep of their devices.

Judging from at least one of these sneak peeks, let’s just say that Jason, being the typically teenager that he is, may not have all too big of an interest in wanting to give up his phone passport. He may have his own secret that he wants to keep…

As for the other major storyline that is hyped up here, be prepared to see Henry take on his own mission in order to protect some political antiquities in Algeria. he’s personally motivated to take action in the region following the death of a U.S. Ambassador, but at the same time also feels as though he can do something with the greater good in mind.

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