‘Masters of Sex’ season 4, episode 6 video: Virginia, Nancy talk things out

Masters of Sex -On the new episode of “Masters of Sex” airing on Showtime Sunday night, there’s going to be a little bit of conflict; specifically, we mean this when it comes to Virginia Johnson and Nancy, one of the new employees at the clinic. She’s definitely someone coming to the place of business with a lot of talent, but she’s going to be rather frustrated with the lack of a clear role.

Specifically, she confronts Virginia about it in the first sneak peek below, wondering why exactly she was chosen for the job if she’s not going to be given the freedom necessary to do what she feels she is most qualified for in the practice. Virginia will be somewhat frustrated by this, but even more so when Nancy accuses her of feeling threatened by there being another strong woman around. From her vantage point, there is a distinct difference between saying that you are all for supporting other women and then actually doing it.

As for the second sneak peek, this one focuses more on Libby and her relationship with Bram Keller, which certainly could be taking a rather weird turn as they prepare for a first date. He tries to postpone said date because of the fact that he is going to be meeting with some nudists, and he feels as though this would make her uncomfortable. With that being said, she doesn’t see to be particularly fazed, and instead, seems eager to join him. While he seems surprised, it feels like it’s a date! As for whether or not this goes well, that’s what we have to wait and see about.

One thing that we do know with some confidence is this: This is not a date that we imagine Libby would have went on circa season 1.

If you want to get some other preview coverage for Sunday night’s “Masters of Sex,” be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Showtime.)

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