‘Criminal Minds’ season 12: When could a revelation on Thomas Gibson’s Hotch come?

The Storm -As we continue to move further into the run of “Criminal Minds” season 12, the question still has to be out there: Is the show going to ever touch on the story of Aaron Hotchner any further than they have?

On this past episode of the show entitled “Taboo,” the only major update that was given on Thomas Gibson’s character was that he was on temporary assignment elsewhere, which was in turn the show’s code for “the actor is suspended.” The episode was written with that in mind, and we wonder if the next few were constructed with similar sentiments given that there was a stretch of time when Gibson was still in contention to come back. The public did not learn of his suspension until a good bit of time after it was initially handed down.

So with this article, we want to pose a question as to when the show’s producersĀ couldĀ potentially address the exit of Hotch, if they ever do in a significant way. It’s possible that when the show returns following its debate-related hiatus on October 26, we get a small update then. Yet, there hasn’t been much in the way of updates suggesting this one way or another just yet.

The episode we’re actually circling on our own personal calendar right now is “Elliott’s Pond,” the sixth episode of the season set to air on November 9. Why is that? There are two reasons for it: Showrunner Erica Messer is writing it, and series star Matthew Gray Gubler is directing. Messer is involved in every episode, but she tends to write solo / co-write the big stories. Meanwhile, Gubler over time has become one of the show’s premier directors. There is only one other episode in the series where we had this particular combination: Last season’s “A Beautiful Disaster,” which was the send-off to the Derek Morgan character. (Messer has co-written episodes before this one directly by Gubler.)

While we’re not saying for certain that this is an episode with some sort of Hotch news, we are saying that this is probably a pretty significant episode in the course of the series. You’re probably not seeing that combination otherwise.

For some other news on the October 26 episode, be sure to head over here. (Photo: CBS.)

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