‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 5 video: The tribe swap drama

Cast -Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” is entitled “Idol Search Party,” and that name is probably more-than-applicable when you consider for a moment what one of the big storylines in it will be: Pandemonium at the Gen X camp as they scramble to determine exactly where the hidden immunity idol is re-hidden.

It’s hard to really offer up any sort of power ranking as to who is most likely to find it, but for now we’re giving the edge to David, mostly because he’s the one with a proven track record. Also, he knows to look for objects in nature that are off — otherwise known as the coconut with some odd writing on it. Let’s be honest: So far, it’s not like these idols are being hidden in the most insane and isolated of places. It’s not “Survivor: Samoa” easy, but it’s far easier than what Tai Trang went through last season.

The promo below really ignores most of the idol talk in favor of really hyping up the tribe swap like it’s some sort of SUPER SHOCKING event, when the reality is that this is something that basically happens every season on this show around this time. We do think that there are some people who will be hurting with this more than others.

Figgy and Taylor – They’re an obvious showmance, and even people on the Gen X tribe may have a sense of that. It makes so much sense to get one of them out of the game before they get back together, and therefore start to vote in a block again.

Chris – We’re getting near the merge, and with that in mind, there could easily be a temptation to target one of the biggest, strongest guys. We like Chris, so we hope it doesn’t happen. We’re just preparing for it in advance.

Jessica – Given that she was almost just voted out, and would’ve been were it not for David, we do think she could be an easy vote if the Gen X are outnumbered on a new tribe.

Who do you think could be hurt the worst by the tribe swap? Share below! Also, be sure to check out our take on the recent winners and losers from this past episode. (Photo: CBS.)


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