‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Scott’s Care Package strategy

Scott -There are some live diary rooms happening tonight in the “Big Brother OTT” house, but we don’t think there will be too much in the way of illuminating conversation that comes about as a result of that. One thing we will say is this: Maybe you don’t want to like Morgan because her association with Monte, but isn’t there something to be said for the fact that she still remembers Jason is a target? Yes, most of America likes Jason, but Jason himself would probably tell you that it’s stupid to let the guy waltz all the way to the end just because he’s reasonably beloved by the general public.

Anyhow, one of the big strategic discussions of the day was Scott decided to change things up slightly in the wake of receiving the Care Package. His idea now is to use the Double Veto twist, where there are two at play in the competition. Because of that, he won’t nominate both Shane and Danielle outright, which makes it possible for him to be able to use one of them as a replacement in the event that somebody wins the necklace. Also, he’s hoping that he can remove America’s nominee so that this is taken out of the equation.

What Scott is thinking here is ultimately rather smart, since he’s at least trying to find a way to control the week rather than allowing America to pick off another member of his alliance (which could be Morgan). We’re not sure it will work, but if he doesn’t try to take advantage of this, odds are that the Plastics are getting trimmed down this week.

Also, here’s an update in people doing gross things. Jason and Scott wiped their armpits all over Shelby’s pillow, and she already senses they did something. We’re down for pranks (at least non-James pranks), but why do they have to be smelly ones?

We’ll have an update tonight / in the morning if something interesting happens with the Double Veto. (Photo: CBS.)

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