‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 5 review: Kono and Adam reunited, Chin looks for answers

Hawaii Five 0Madison Gray may be in the wind (or more specifically hiding out in Beverly Hills), but this whole Chess Piece Killer experience may have sparked a love connection between Steve and Alicia. Is it time for a new “Hawaii Five-0” romance? We wouldn’t mind seeing it since it’s been a while for Steve in the romance department and we like Alicia for him.

We have been waiting a long time for Adam to get out of jail and finally he and Kono are reunited! The first place they head is to get some shrimp and reunite with everyone from the Five-0. After spending some romantic time together, Adam tells Kono that he wants to track down a woman named Emily who is the daughter of a man named Lewis he met on the inside. He isn’t keeping in contact with people he met in prison, but this particular man he feels a debt to not only because he helped Adam, but he’s also dying.

Kono helps put Adam in touch with Emily and when he shows up at her house and she denies having a father at all. He tells her that Lewis has cancer, that he saved his life many times, and wrote to her all the time even though the letters always got sent back, and it’s enough to turn her around and go and visit him in prison.

When it comes to Chin’s struggles to keep Sarah, he has heard back from his contact and learned absolutely nothing. Seems that no one wants to talk because they are afraid, so he’s ready to find another way to get someone to talk. He wants to make sure that this aunt and uncle are not involved in the drug trade and that Sarah is going to have a good life with them.

We were kind of hoping to see more of Alicia this episode, but she clearly needed a break after everything that happened. At least we got some action in the romance department with Adam and Kono being reunited. It was a connection that we have been really missing on this show, we just love these two together. Episode grade: B

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