‘Shark Tank’ review: Atlantic Candy Company, Biem, The Solemates, and Angels and Tomboys

Shark Tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” is looking at the pre-teen perfume industry, a way to turn your butter into a spray, an improvement for women’s footwear, and what seems to be the American version of a Kinder egg. All in all, it’s a pretty random assortment of products! We can’t say going into this episode we’re excited about these products as we’ve been about others in the past (except for maybe the butter), but who knows? We’ve absolutely been surprised before.

As per usual, we’re going to update this article throughout the episode with more news regarding the deals that are made! Refresh often, and be sure to click out any of the links below to be directed to the products’ official pages.

The Solemates – If you find wearing women’s footwear uncomfortable (we cannot really relate to this one), this company may have an answer. What apparently works about the product is the product itself. It allows people to wear their favorite fashions without compromising comfort in the process. Here’s the issue: They’re not turning huge profits yet, and it is going to take a lot of effort to scale this up. If it happens, though, we do think that there will be enough of a market out there to make this well worth Robert Herjavec’s while. He struck a deal with him, and Kevin O’Leary didn’t even get to finish his offer.

Atlantic Candy Company – They’re on the show to promote the Toy Box, which is basically chocolate with a toy inside — hence the Kinder egg comparison. They have come up with a small innovation that keeps them apparently compliant with the FDA, which is why they are putting such a huge value of $10 million on it without the sales to back it up. We do think it’s a huge and profitable idea given that Kinder eggs make millions upon millions all around the world. Personally as a Canadian dual-citizen who’s had many of those said eggs over the years, we don’t really get the hype and we’d rather have a Cadbury egg any day of the week. That’s just us — sales mean something and people in the States would probably buy it if they knew it existed.

The biggest issue that the company has is mostly that there is a patent running out in two years, and that makes it hard to fulfill orders in time before competitors come in. Unfortunately, no deal was made here, but maybe they’ll figure something else out.

Biem – Let’s get to the butter spray! We were excited to learn more about this, and the product seems super-cool. He also got 100% the right partner in Lori Greiner, since this is 100% perfect for QVC. The one thing we were worried about when watching this presentation is just how little he said during much of it, and we worry that he’s not quite anywhere near the showman that he is the inventor. Luckily, he’s got someone who knows how to inject personality into ideas. and turning butter into a spray for popcorn, pans, and more is awesome.

Angels and Tomboys – Will a light perfume spray for young girls become a mass-market hit? That’s the primary question we had entering this pitch. We do worry that there is too much work that’ll need to be done in turning this into a full-fledged business, but with the right marketing campaign, we do see it appealing to the tween market. Having an adult with the company helped to get them some direction, and in the end, they’ve also got two Sharks in Daymond John and Mark Cuban! That’s certainly what we consider a strong foundation for the future.

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