‘Arrow’ season 5: Will Oliver speak on Felicity’s boyfriend?

Arrow -So far through “Arrow” season 5, Oliver and Felicity at least are in an okay place. They may not be together, but other than some disagreements here and there, they are at least cordial and recognizing one another’s value. It almost reminds us of their relationship in the first season, back when there wasn’t so much in the way of overt romance and the two simply had a good rapport together.

The one thing that could make their dynamic a little more interesting is the fact that Felicity has a new boyfriend, and for now, Oliver doesn’t know about it. Will that change? Judging from what executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly recently, that is more or less assured:

“I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say that pretty much every secret on this show eventually [comes out]. Felicity’s boyfriend is certainly no exception — not that she’s keeping it a secret from Oliver, but at the start of season 5, Oliver doesn’t know.”

Oliver doesn’t really have a right to be upset about it, given that their relationship’s been over for a little while, and it’s not as though she is spreading bad dirt on him in the process. What we do like about this dynamic at present is that it reflects who these two people are at present. Felicity is someone who is ready to love and be loved, and we’re not quite sure Oliver is ready for that. He constantly feels a sort of burden to keep things from others, and it’s hard to imagine him being the right partner for anyone until he starts to let that burden go and realize that it is okay to let people in.

We do hope this changes for Oliver eventually, but it’s not changing overnight. Given that he’s back to killing, it may not change for some time.

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