‘Shiptober: Should ‘Chicago PD’ season 4 bring us Lindsay – Halstead wedding?

Chicago PD -Mrs. Carter: What does the future hold for Lindsay and Halstead on “Chicago PD“?

We certainly know that this particular pair is popular — after all, they won our Crime Dynamic Duos tournament last month with thousands of votes cast for them. From here, the question we wonder is how they will move further into the future together. We know what makes them a successful couple, and much of that starts with the devotion they have for each other. Any relationship starts with sacrifice, and we know that these two would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of each other’s safety. It’s the sort of devotion that anyone out there would want from a romantic partner.

From there, the two are strong because of how they care for each other, how they make each other better people, and how they look out for each other to ensure that no further problems come up and try to impede their journey to being better people.

Now, the question that we wonder is this: Could we see a wedding in the near future? Much like another prominent couple in Casey and Dawson from “Chicago Fire,” we know that there is going to be some enthusiasm out there in seeing that happen. It just remains to be seen if we’re going to be in the right time or place. For the sake of this ‘Shiptober article, let’s weigh out the pros and the cons.

The case for the wedding – We know that there is sometimes a temptation with procedural shows to hold off on big character moments, thinking that there is a time down the road where it could happen. In making the move now, you prove that “Chicago PD” is a cut above those shows, and is a little bolder and riskier. Also, we figure that there is a fear sometimes from showrunners when it comes to marrying characters, knowing that if they do something to them negative after the fact, you run the risk of fans losing their you-know-what on you. With Lindsay and Halstead, we think that would happen if you broke them up now or later. There’s no fundamental difference, so why not just have them marry?

One other thing to remember is that this can at times be a dark, serious show. You cling to the moments of happiness, and this could be a prime moment that you could promote for many weeks and celebrate in the years to follow.

The case for waiting – Maybe you want the two parties living together for a significant stretch of time first, or you want to make a potential proposal into a storyline that gestates and builds. If there is one thing that the “Chicago” franchise clings to, it’s reality. Proposals and weddings cost money, so maybe you want to give the show the time to ensure that these moments can happen — even if they are non-traditional, as Lindsay and Halstead are a fairly non-traditional couple.

Do you want to see a wedding between these two characters happen this season? Be sure to share your thoughts on the subject in the poll below! Also, head over here to see a preview for the next “Chicago PD” episode. (Photo: NBC.)

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