‘Pitch’ episode 5 preview: Could Ginny (or anyone else) be traded?

Pitch -

Thursday night’s new episode of “Pitch” brought us some assorted controversy when it came to the All-Star Game, so we may as well move from that to one other part of the MLB season that tends to generate a wide array of discussion: The trade deadline. This is a time in which crazy things can happen in baseball, whether that be players being relocated or seeing their friends have it happen instead. There aren’t exactly many scenarios where this goes by without someone being stunned or upset, so this many be the same for this show.

You’ll see this event play out in the next new episode of the show — even though it’s going to be two weeks until you get a chance to see it. Think along the lines of October 27 for when the show is coming back to Fox.

Synopsis – “The Padres are on pins and needles as rumors swirl around the team potentially trading Blip. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to navigate working with Charlie Graham (Kevin Connolly), the interim Padres President of Operations and Mike tries to smooth things over with Amelia.”

Promo – This gives you a better sense as to precisely how much Ginny and the other characters should be worried — and it also reminds us of how excited we are to have Connolly on this show. What is it about actors from other shows we like coming on board other shows to play general managers? We had that first with Dule Hill over on “Ballers,” and now this.

Hopefully, Ginny at least gets to stay put — if nothing else, we imagine it’d be difficult to get everything sorted out with her on another team after investing so much on the Padres so far.

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