‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: A little plotting and a lot of waiting

Scott -Today, the “Big Brother” live feeds so far are quieter than you would expect given the present circumstances. Just remember for a moment or two here that we’re looking at a situation where there are a lot of possible nominees in theory, and you can never be certain that things are going to go your way.

The biggest thing working as a buzzkill right now is America. With Scott in power as Head of Household, typically this would mean that everyone would start scrambling for their lives in the game. Unfortunately, we get the sense that people like Kryssie aren’t even really trying hard to win, thinking that for the most part, there’s no way that America would want to nominate someone from her own alliance. This Misfits side of the house (which is basically everyone beyond the HoH, Alex, Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby) are a little too content with the idea that nobody in America is going to vote with the Plastics.

Are they right? As of right now, probably, given the recent voting patterns … but it is a scary assumption that America will do all of the dirty work for you. Justin is really the only Misfit making an effort with all sides of the house; his relationship with Scott is actually one of the few reasons he is not going to be nominated. (The plan is to go after Shane and Danielle again this week.)

The real point of emphasis at the moment for most feed watchers is the America’s Care Package vote — which doesn’t quite matter much since the winner just gets to choose the sort of Veto that is won at the competition. It has very little power for the actual recipient of the package, so consider that. If you are voting for someone in hopes they can actually win it, vote for either Scott or Shane / Danielle. All of them are likely playing in the Veto.

If you are interested in getting more “Big Brother” news from last night, head over to the link here! (Photo: CBS.)

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