‘Supernatural’ season 12 premiere video: Mary Winchester, Castiel talk sudden return

CastielIt’s been a long time since “Supernatural” was on the air, but come tonight, we’re getting the first episode of the new season in “Keep Calm and Carry On.” It’s a chance to see where everyone is in the aftermath of what happened with Amara’s exit and with Sam getting shot, and it’s also a chance to see Dean actually interacting with his mother Mary Winchester once more.

Interestingly, though, the sneak peek at the bottom of this article really prioritizes Castiel and Mary more so than Dean, as we get a chance to see them briefly bond over the fact that they are both still strangers in this strange land. Mary’s been away from earth for the better part of three decades, so if there is anyone who is going to be able to understand properly how she is feeling, it’s Cas. Technically he was in Heaven exponentially longer, but he’s also been back on earth for a while and has started to understand what it’s like being there.

Eventually, Dean does join up with the two, and they’ve got a brief conversation going before the preview ends. For the three, we imagine that the immediate priority is going to be figuring out what happened to Sam; eventually, we gotta figure that they’ll find him. After all, this is “Supernatural,” and we cannot quite imagine this show existing without the boys being able to do some missions together and continue to build on the work they’ve already done.

There’s also something potentially refreshing that will come from getting to see Mary added to the mix here. She’s someone who will truly make this feel more like a family.

Want some other news on “Supernatural”? Then be sure to head over to the link here! Hopefully there’ll be more to share in the way of a preview later tonight. (Photo: The CW.)


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