‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13: Jessica Capshaw teases Leah’s return

Arizona -Earlier this week, the news was first confirmed that Tessa Ferrer was going to be coming back to “Grey’s Anatomy” as Leah, who at one point was a brief love interest of Dr. Arizona Rollins. We know that Arizona is now single, and she is supposedly getting a love interest at some point this season. Therefore, we don’t quite think we are making that big of an assumption to be curious as to if Arizona and Leah could have something a little further down the line.

So what does Jessica Capshaw have to say about it? While (of course) she’s not tipping her cap one way or another as to if Leah is a love interest, she did make it clear to TV Guide that there could be some craziness that comes out of this situation:

“There’s definitely drama to be had. The way that they left it, [Arizona] broke it off and the Leah character… I don’t know if she turned crazy, but she was upset by the turn of events, so she kind of went after all of the attendings for the shenanigans, the little affairs, that happen all the time between attending and the residents. There was definitely drama to that, and I think that probably Arizona felt really guilty about all of that. So I think it’s definitely, definitely surprising to [Arizona] that she’s back.”

The biggest thing to remember here one way or another is that “Grey’s Anatomy” is a show that has long seasons, and with that, we certainly don’t think there is going to be any pressure for them to speed things along in terms of the story. Maybe Leah returns and something happens down the line, or if nothing else she and Arizona get further closure. One way or another, we’re sure that their romantic past will be discussed.

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