‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 4 review: Immunity idols galore and other ‘reveals’

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Tonight’s episode of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” was about reveals of all kinds. At the Reward Challenge, Michaela lost her top in an effort to further ensure that she could help her tribe win. That didn’t happen, mostly because of the fact that Chris is a man-beast who could probably destroy every member of the Millennial tribe on his own. We like how somehow, that awkward pairing of him and David worked.

Over on the Millennial tribe, meanwhile, it was revealed that Adam had found both the clue and then the immunity idol. For the first time on the show, he also revealed his story that he discussed pregame about his mother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer months before going out to play the game. He saw this moment as a victory and an achievement, but also a way to bring some joy back home, as he was fighting in every way he could to make it far in the game.

In regards to strategy, the biggest takeaway we had before the Immunity Challenge was Lucy somehow emerging from her cloak of invisibility in order to tell Chris and Bret that Jessica was the force behind the Paul vote, therefore putting her (and her Legacy Advantage) in a spot where they could be voted out sooner rather than later — at least before Lucy started to run around and over-strategize in a way she didn’t have to with all of her various rules and regulations.

Oh, and it looked like Hannah may have spied Adam finding the idol — or at least looking for it.

Immunity Challenge – The biggest takeaway from this, other than the joy / fun that came with seeing the Gen X tribe trying to hoist Chris around to collect number tiles, was Jeff Probst continuing to fall in love with the Millennials. It’s like he thinks all of them are his children and he’s super-eager to cheer for them in everything! He was so impressed with their strategy of just “thinking” things out at the word scramble part of the challenge; luckily, it did work thanks seemingly to a bit of advice from Zeke, who wasn’t even taking part in it directly.

Tribal Council – As we entered this, it definitely didn’t feel like we were in for something that was going to leave any jaws on the floor. The debate seemed to be rather simple: Do you go for the person trying too hard to control things in Lucy, or the person behind the first blindside of the season in Jessica? At least the drama at camp ended up being a little more dramatic than we first thought that it would be, mostly because Jessica ended up passing along some of what Ken said to Lucy. This stirred the pot further, and certainly created more chaos.

This is where things get REALLY interesting. David, realizing that voting out Jessica would only mean that he was back on the bottom again, decided to play his own idol for her! He and CeCe were the only people who voted for Lucy to go home, and that was enough and she was gone from the game. Lucy only had one episode with any discernible screen time this season, but it was a big one with a controversial move at the end. We’ll be talking with her tomorrow. Episode Grade: B+.

Next week – We’ll have the preview for the next installment up shortly over at this link. (Photo: CBS.)

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