‘Timeless’ spoilers: The journey to Germany

Timeless -So far on NBC’s “Timeless,” we’ve seen episodes that spanned two different eras, but still had one thing in common: Their location within the United States. Therefore, there wasn’t as much of an issue with Lucy, Rufus, or Wyatt having to conceal a specific accent while traveling through the specific location.

As we move into next week’s installment “Atomic City,” this will remain constant as we see the team try to tackle matters in Atlantic City. It won’t be until we roll around to the upcoming October 24 installment “Party at Castle Varlar” that things start to change. This is an episode where we will venture back to the days of Nazi Germany, and in the process of that see our heroes try to figure out where to find Flynn and kill him.

Beyond just the destruction of Flynn (or at least the hope of it), there are two other notable things you can expect to see in this episode:

1. The appearance of “the man behind one of literature’s most popular figures.” Based on some casting news that announced weeks ago, odds are that this person is going to be “Once Upon a Time” alum Sean Maguire.

2. The team is going to have endure some sort of celebration, however uncomfortable it may be. Let’s just say that this particular episode is titled this for a reason.

Based on what we were told earlier this month, the idea of “Timeless” is that it will not withhold key information from you for the entirety of the season. Instead, we’re going to have a situation play out here where there are a series of little reveals over time, and they will build up to something bigger down the road. This helps to further ensure viewers stay hooked, and that the series never tries in terms of bringing new things to the table. (Photo: NBC.)

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