Mark Harmon Week on ’The Ellen Show’, Miley Cyrus dislikes ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Muppets’ parody video

NCISIt’s only Wednesday, but filming in Hollywood is going strong. Just today, cruising around town, I noticed several filming crews setting up on different streets for shots. It’s a perfect time of the year for filming in Los Angeles actually. The warm orange glow from the sun isn’t harsh like during the summer and the days are still very warm. I guess, I just described the perfect day!

Mark Harmon Week? Only on ‘The Ellen Show’

If you were watching “NCIS” last night, you probably were thinking about Mark Harmon as he portrays “NCIS” character, Agent Gibbs. Well, you weren’t the only one thinking about Mark Harmon, Ellen DeGeneres is thinking about him too. The talk show host kicked off “Mark Harmon Week” on Monday as she wants Mark to drop by the show. Believe it or not, he’s never stopped by and she wants to have him as a guest. Will it happen? Hopefully! Ellen and the fans of “NCIS” would love to see him on the show!

Supergirl’ blasted by Miley Cyrus? References title as part of inequality in Hollywood

Fans of “Supergirl” got to see the season premiere of the CW show on Monday night. Accompanied by Superman, the season kicked off with plenty of action. Which is why everyone is so surprised to see the series name blasted by Miley Cyrus. Sadly, it’s painfully obvious she doesn’t watch the show. According to the popstar (per Variety), the name is offensive and could contribute to inequality in Hollywood.

Hasn’t this name issue been discussed previously? Oh yeah, last season, when the producers explained the show title was used to represent the pre-existing property. There was even a moment when the character addressed this situation during an episode. As fans know, this character isn’t some whiny little girl. She is kicking butt and just as good any other superhero (I actually think she is better).

‘Fifty Shades of Muppets’ parody video makes fans miss ‘The Muppets’

When the announcement came that “The Muppets” won’t be returning to ABC in the near future for their 30-minutes show, I was bummed. I mean, seriously how would I get my Kermit the Frog fix? Well, the prayers of “The Muppets” fans around the globe have been answered with this “Fifty Shades of Muppets” parody video. As you watch, you can see clips from the ABC show as well as from two of the latest movies. The parody is funny, harmless, and who doesn’t want Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy to get married? All the fans do! The only thing better would be if ABC decided to give “The Muppets” just one more season (and invite some A-list celebrities to be part of the show.)

And finally… Rob Lowe’s hair shines on ‘Code Black’

Rob Lowe has always been an amazing TV actor. On “Code Black,” the fans are excited to see that the star has taken a more serious role. And they also are really excited about his hair. Known to be a sexy man, Rob Lowe has reinvented himself with this new style. He looks more serious and keeps all those pesky strands away from his gorgeous eyes. In fact, there has been so much chatter about his new hairstyle that his celebrity groomer (fancy talk for barber) was interviewed on how Lowe’s hair made him look younger. It’s only a matter of time before a fan puts together a video detailing this look with snippets of the show. Until then you can check out Rob Lowe’s fine silk-like strands on “Code Black” every Wednesday night on CBS.

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