‘NCIS: New Orleans’ season 3, episode 3 review: Team rescues kidnapped petty officer, Mario Lopez guest stars

NOLA -On Tuesday night “NCIS: New Orleans” fans watched as Agent Dwayne Pride’s team made some personal sacrifices to bring a kidnapped petty officer home. With a twist that most fans didn’t see coming, the murder at the beginning of the episode was one of two crimes that the team needed to solve. Unfortunately, the decorated petty officer was only trying to help when he got killed saving another military service member. Hoping to stop the kidnappers and offering a personal favor to the get a location of another petty officer, he was killed when he was pushed off a sky walkway above the sporting arena.

Looking to find answers, the team discovers that the murder of the petty officer in New Orleans was actually seen by the kidnapped petty officer’s mother. The race to save her son has the FBI and the NCIS offices working together, but not without issues. Each office has a very different agenda to bring justice. The FBI was looking to arrest a killer of a decorated petty officer and Agent Pride’s team is looking to go a step further and rescue the petty officer that is still assumed alive in Mexico.

The rescue and arrest scene where all the agents came together for an epic showdown in Mexico definitely had fans screaming at the television. The bullets were flying everywhere as the bad guys realized they were surrounded. Breaking into two teams, Agent Pride headed up the rescue and Agent Gregorio arrested the criminal. Then, after arriving back in New Orleans, it appeared that Gregorio had the unfortunate pleasure of explaining how the directive of picking up a bad guy also included an unauthorized rescue mission.

Trying to piece together the FBI protocol and the can-do attitude of the New Orleans NCIS office, FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio started to get settled in her new role with the team on this episode. Still looking to build trust and offer her talent to the team, she has a way to go before being comfortable with the laid back atmosphere of the office.

Mario Lopez was a guest on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

At the very beginning of the episode, the fans got a glimpse of Mario Lopez, dressed as an emergency responder. The guest star was a wonderful surprise for viewers and another great choice for the viewers as the producers continue to bring in famous faces this season.

Overall, we really enjoyed this episode of “NCIS: New Orleans”. Once again we got the flavor of New Orleans and the chance to see how crime is sought in the South. Plus, the story offered up two different crimes, instead of just one, which truly was an added bonus. Episode grade: A-.

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