‘Gotham’ villains: Is season 3 time for proper Black Mask introduction?

Gotham -There are many great Batman villains out there, which is why for the most part, “Gotham” hasn’t really gotten to the point just yet where they are scrambling to fill up spots. You’ve got physical villains like Butch, intellectual opponents like the Mad Hatter, and then downright crime bosses like Penguin. Basically, the show is providing you with versions of almost every interesting villain out there.

There are some villains we don’t quite want on the show. Harley Quinn is one of them, mostly because it wouldn’t make sense given that she would probably be young or younger than Bruce at this point. We don’t really need to see another adaptation of Joker anytime, either. Black Mask, meanwhile, is someone we would enjoy and appreciate — or at least as much as we can enjoy a ruthless killer who has mafia connections and an affinity for torture.

The biggest reason to bring in Roman Sionis is that his family name is already established within this world. In season 1 we met for the first time Richard Sionis, a character who had a black mask and was eventually killed off in season 2. Our indication is that he must have been (obviously) some sort of relative of the one who will eventually torment Batman in Roman Sionis, and it could be time to meet a more definite version of this character. Even if they are a punk kid somewhere who just likes being sadistic to those who spite him, it would be nice to have the groundwork laid. One other possibility at present is that you bring him in, and then have him be some sort of adversary for the Penguin who eventually finds some common ground with him.

Another compelling reason to give us a full-fledged Black Mask is that you don’t really have to do a lot of work to make it happen. This is not a character who had many superpowers until the New 52 gave him more of the power of persuasion. He’s not a stretch in the way that Poison Ivy or Clayface is. He’s effective as he is, and he’s capable of building up such an organization around him that he’s untouchable.

Is there a need for him immediately? Not really, but maybe consider this a few weeks down the road when you are inching ever closer to the finale and another villain or two is gone by the wayside.

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