‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 4 review: McGee proposes, Agent Gibbs’ team solves ship murder

NCISOn Tuesday night the fans of “NCIS” got to watch Agent Gibbs and his team solve a murder at sea. When a body is found in the paper compactor on the ship, the NCIS team is called in to solve the crime before everyone finds out. The goal was to keep a low profile after discovering the death, but social media shares the situation and people around the world call the destroyer a murder boat.

Agent Gibbs along with Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn don’t have an easy task of finding the killer. On board the destroyer it’s a race against time before the boat docks. Working with the rest of the team who are at the office, the agents come together to figure out if there is an impostor on the ship during a tiger cruise, which is what it is called when civilian guests are allowed to spend the night on the ship.

Finally figuring out who the impostor is on the boat, it appears that the man who killed is one step ahead. Jumping overboard to prevent being caught, he reaches land only to be arrested by Agent Gibbs. However, in a last minute twist, the man who was an impostor turned out to be a paparazzi and the real killer was on the way to pick up his son. So how was the killer caught? The killer’s prints came up in the record data base after a restraining order was filed against him. The victim on board recognized the killer as her friend’s ex-husband and his plan to quietly enter the base by a tiger cruise would have been ruined if she contacted authorities. Unfortunately, he felt he had to kill her to keep her quiet.

Are ‘NCIS’ wedding bells coming?

Keeping in check with the personal side of the “NCIS” team, Agent Timothy McGee proposed to Delilah Fielding. The big question wasn’t as elaborate as he might have hoped, but the episode started off with a timeline on what McGee wanted to do. Showing off the engagement ring to his coworker, McGee has a perfect plan to pop the question but it appears to be months out. Changing his mind after the last case, he asked Delilah in a dark elevator. While fans were thrilled, the awkward hug that didn’t include a kiss was troubling. So when will this wedding take place? It might be at the end of the season.

Overall, this season of “NCIS” has been intriguing and tonight’s episode offered another entertaining story. We were once again impressed with how well the new characters have embedded into the stories and exciting banter in the office has returned. Episode grade A-

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