‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Veto Ceremony preparation and America’s high stakes

Kryssie -

Through almost two weeks, “Big Brother: Over the Top” is absolutely living up to that billing. It’s funny at times, crazy at others, and above all else, it is STUFFED full of drama. This is one of the most chaotic seasons we’ve had for this show in a long time.

What we’re being set up for this week is a rather interesting war of two sides. From one vantage point, we’ve got Monte and His Pythons, which is basically the Plastics (Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Whitney). Then, you got many of the other players, with people like Justin and Scott floating somewhere in the middle. The two targets to go home this week are Danielle and America’s nominee Monte; it seems to be Alex’s plan to nominate Kryssie just because she won’t get any votes, and she is someone who would vote to send Monte home.

Earlier today, Alex pleaded to America to save Monte, saying that the show is more fun when there are constant power shifts and changes in the game. In theory, she’s right that the game is more exciting when it is eventful, but the problem she runs into with fans is just that it is so easy to not like Monte for his history of offensive comments and being an overall heel. Danielle has been at times a frustrating player in her own right, but she’s not unlikable on the same level that Monte is. With the split house America could have more power than ever, so we imagine some extreme pandering over the next 24 hours or so.

Ultimately, we do think Alex is right that keeping Monte would mean more chaos later; yet, there’s an emotional component here because no one wants to support a guy who’s behaved badly this season. We expect this to be one of the crazier evictions of the season.

We’ll be back later at this link with more scoop, including Veto Ceremony results. (Photo: CBS.)

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