‘The Flash’ season 3, episode 2 sneak peek: Meet Tom Felton’s Julian

Felton -

So far on “The Flash” season 3, the one thing we’ve had a chance to learn is that Flashpoint opened up a deeper rift between Joe and Iris West in the present day. In the sneak peek below for Tuesday’s “Paradox,” we’ve also learned that those events caused a slight change in Barry Allen’s work as a CSI.

Here, you can get a first look at “Harry Potter” alum Tom Felton as Julian, a cocky, rather-abrasive dude who works alongside Barry for the Central City Police Department. The two have worked together for around a year’s time based on the dialogue, and their relationship has not improved since that time. Julian seems to fashion himself some sort of know-it-all capable of doing the entire job without any assistance. What he doesn’t realize is that with Barry as The Flash, it would be much more efficient to find decent ways to use him and get him involved.

The question that arises for us through seeing this guy is simple: What does he represent? There’s obviously going to be theories understandably that he is Dr. Alchemy, given that he does follow the rules for what this show does with his villains: He’s a character brought in who is presented as one thing, and could be ultimately flipped to something else. Yet, is it too obvious that someone like him could be the villain?

What we do assume one way or the other here is that there is a specific reason why Barry’s actions in Flashpoint led to him being around in this timeline, and we’re excited to figure out why that is. Maybe it’s as simple as the rift between Joe and Iris causing trust issues between Barry and Joe, or maybe it’s something deeper.

One way or another, we will have more on “The Flash” and this particular episode soon! Check out our archive page now to figure out further precisely how we got here. (Photo: The CW.)


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