‘Fraggle Rock’ returns, ‘The Voice’ advice hits home, Jerry Rice on ‘DWTS’

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If you’re looking for a normal night of television, Tuesday is the perfect day to shut off the ringer on your cell phone and relax with some great programming. There are no debates planned, no major sporting events and new episodes. This means out only need to pop some popcorn and get ready for some exciting shows.

Time to start singing the ‘Fraggle Rock’ theme song

If you loved “Fraggle Rock” as a kid, the news of the 96 episodes being remastered and released through HBO by the end of the year is probably the best news you’ve heard all week (well, it is only Tuesday.) All the excitement brewing under Doc and Sprocket’s house and in the walls will once again be available to watch. Finding yourself almost too eager to wait? Well, then start singing the “Fraggle Rock” theme song now!

Does Bette Midler, Joan Jett work well as advisors on ‘The Voice’?

Call me skeptical, but when I heard that Bette Midler, Charlie Puth, Joan Jett and Sammy Hagar were going to be advisors on “The Voice” it sounded strange. In today’s world music is made by pop stars who piece together a single in a studio using a catchy beat and auto-tune. Frankly, most of the young entertainers can’t perform an entire song live without singing to a backup track. These four talented entertainers are real stars and their careers were based on performances. On “The Voice” the four stars dished out advice about being an authentic performer and it really should be heard by anyone who wants to share their voice with the world, including those pop stars who already have tunes on the radio.


Jerry Rice drops by ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to show support

Last night on “Dancing With the Stars” Jerry Rice surprised Calvin Johnson during his live dance segment. Rice stepped in at the last minute and tossed the football to Calvin Johnson at the end of the routine. It was a surprise to Calvin AND the fans. Anyone who is a loyal DWTS fan knew this was a special moment as Rice is an alumni of the reality show. As for the dance, Johnson seemed to be walking on air in the ballroom and his smile was contagious.

And Finally…. Michael Weatherly makes fans laugh with NYC photo

When Michael Weatherly moved from “NCIS” to “Bull” there were a number of fans who didn’t like the idea. Agent Gibbs’ team was being pulled apart and a new CBS show on Tuesday night was being introduced. It was a tough career decision for Weatherly and it appears it was a good choice too. Thankfully the risk paid off with great rewards and “Bull” has become a TV obsession for fans. Also a good thing is Michael’s sense of humor during the transition. His latest photo of a NYC public restroom had fans in stitches and it’s impossible to tell if it is just a random moment on the street OR a staged picture. Either way, it’s quite funny! (Photo: HBO.)

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