‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 4 video: Amy and Sheldon’s temporarily living arrangement

Big Bang Theory -Monday night’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” is just about upon us, and based on everything we’re seeing at present, this one is looking like a particularly big hour of TV. After all, it will mark a chance to see Sheldon and Amy do something that almost any other couple out there would have done a good while ago: Make the decision to live together.

Of course, this isn’t so much a “decision” on Sheldon’s part as it is something that Leonard and Penny decided for him. For a little bit more evidence of that, look at the first of the three sneak peeks we’ve got for you below. In it, Amy goes to her friends with the news that her place has been impacted by flooding, and they offer her the chance to stay with them for a little while. (Every so often, we do see that broken elevator and we’re reminded further of how it is simply a decide to give characters something to do on the way to the apartment.)

By the time Amy makes it up there, she knows that she will be living with her boyfriend for the first time. How is it going? Well, let’s just say it’s messy. Sheldon tries to act accommodating towards her, but at the same time is impossible when it comes to making decisions — he cannot even figure out what side of the bed he wants to be on. (For the record, they are in Penny’s old place here — sometimes we have a hard time even remembering who lives where in those two apartments after Leonard and Penny got married.

The final sneak peek below is unrelated, and is tied to a baby story for Howard and Bernadette — while Raj and others know the sex of the child, Howard doesn’t want to. As a result of that, Bernadette seems to have a few frustrations.

As per usual, we’ll have a review of tonight’s episode up later at this link. (Photo: CBS.)




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