‘Supergirl’ CW premiere, Ryan Lochte engaged, ‘NCIS’ at sea, debate fly on TV

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It’s Monday and another presidential debate is in the books. Pinch yourself if you feel queasy or need a quick reflex response to return to reality. Then the fly showed up on my TV.  I thought that infamous fly was on my TV. I actually jumped off the chair and used a fly swatter on the screen. It was useless and as we now know, that fly was on live TV. Lucky little insect is now famous. Perhaps we should name him something patriotic…like Uncle Sam!

Another ‘Dancing With the Stars’ engagement; Ryan Lotche announces big news

The fans of “Dancing With the Stars” were surprised to hear that there was not one, but two celebrity engagements in the last week surrounding the show stars. Ryan Lochte announced that he got engaged to Kayla Rae Reid over the weekend and posted a photo of his bride to be. This season of DWTS obviously has been a bit distracting around the studio.  There is so much love! Not only are the celebrities dancing, but cupid is obviously in the building. Congrats! See new dances from the remaining contestants on Monday night (and maybe Ryan will dedicate his dance to the love of his life.)

‘Supergirl’ premieres on CW; returns with another great season

“Supergirl” fans need to grab their capes and turn the dial to the CW on Tuesday night. The first episode actually has Supergirl teaming up with Superman as they both go kick some butt in saving the world. So who exactly saves the world this week? Well, you need to tune in to find out! Of course, I’m voting for Supergirl. Yeah, Superman is cool too, but this isn’t his show and he’s just a guest…

‘NCIS’ heads to sea as sneak peek reveals upcoming episode

The fans of “NCIS” hopefully aren’t too seasick to watch this week’s episode of the popular CBS show. A sneak peek offers a look at the show and the upcoming episode has a murder which takes place on a Navy destroyer. Apparently this isn’t a pleasure cruise as the clues need to add up to solve the death before Agent Gibbs throws someone overboard. “NCIS” is on CBS every Tuesday night.

And Finally… The post office is closed today; America loves postal TV sitcom characters

You might be going to work, but it’s a federal holiday and the post office is closed today. Feeling sad? Well, look no further than TV. There are quite a few fictional characters who were post office employees including, Cliff from “Cheers” and Newman from “Seinfeld.” Take a peek at one of the best moments between Newman and Jerry on “Seinfeld.”

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