‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: The week 2 nominations are in

Shane -While we do like a lot of things about “Big Brother OTT” so far through a solid week and a half of live feeds, there is one issue with the way that the weekends are done: Far too much time between the end of the Head of Household Competition and the end of nominations. Much of the fun of the game is seeing the fallout of these, and it felt two days ago that Alex had decided on her choices to put on the block: Shane and Danielle.

Tonight, that finally happened when they did not get a green light during the second Safety Ceremony. As for how they took it, the answer is “not great.” They were both fairly petty over being put on the block, with Danielle in particular storming off almost immediately while Shane made it clear that he would get vengeance soon. They’re both understandably upset, but they have to realize that there are a couple of things that can still influence the game.

First, you’ve got the third nominee as chosen by America. It’s either going to be Monte or Morgan, with both possessing different advantages and disadvantages as to why they’re great candidates to put on the block. Monte gives them probably a better chance to stay just because he’s so disliked by many people.

Then, you’ve got the Veto. The thing that they really have to hope is that the nominee chosen by America does not win. If this happens, they are removed and there is no replacement. The two of them are up, and one of them for sure leaves the game. It would be fun to see them campaign against each other, provided that they decide to actually play hard.

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