‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 scene with Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan detonates the internet

Rick -

In honor of New York Comic-Con this week, AMC released an extended look at a scene from the season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead,” and as a result of that there are thousands of people trying to read all sorts of stuff into it. After all, everyone wants to know precisely who Negan killed, and understandably so after the cliffhanger we got at the end of this past season.

What we find interesting about this preview, though, is that by and large, not too much happens other than some threats back and forth. Maybe you can take this as a sign that Rick’s hand is in grave danger, but we’re not fully seeing that as of yet. The only REAL sign of anything is the name of the preview in “right hand man,” which we like to think of mostly as AMC’s marketing department punking us to the best of our ability.

Is Rick being alive a major spoiler? We guess, but did anyone really think that the show was killing him off? We’re also certainly confident that Daryl Dixon is going to survive, if for no other reason than that he’s beloved and it would cause revolts all around the country otherwise.

Through much of season 7, we imagine vengeance being the thing that drives Rick. Whoever dies at Negan’s hand (yes, another hand reference) is going to be someone close to him, and someone he will want to avenge. How he does that will be rather compelling to watch, and also potentially put some other characters in danger. Sure, Negan’s a dangerous dude in his own right, but what makes him all the worse is that he has, at least as far as this world is concerned, close to unlimited resources.

We’re going to have more updates on “The Walking Dead” soon over here, which just so happens to also be the place where you can see all of our recent reviews!

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