‘Shiptober: Will ‘The Fosters’ season 4 shake things up for Brandon, Callie?

Callie -Mrs. Carter: Is there a future at all for Brandon and Callie on “The Fosters“?

When you think for a moment about some of the show’s larger ‘ships, “Brallie” is probably one of the ones that was the quietest during the first half of season 4. While their history came up on several occasions, she is in the midst of a different love triangle now with AJ and Aaron. Both have some sort of feelings for her, and neither carry with them the same sort of history and judgment that she received for being with Brandon in the past. Meanwhile, he is just getting out of a relationship with Cortney, one that still needs some sort of proper resolution given that the last we saw for them was him sending her a letter in New York where he could put his thoughts down on paper.

Could we see them get together in season 4, even though there are no evident signs of it coming at present? In the latest edition of or ‘Shiptober series, we want to take a closer look at the possibilities there.

The case for getting them togetherĀ – If you are basing your decisions based on fan support, they are one of the most popular ‘ships out there. They are characters who understand each other and are equally ambitious, which is rare, especially for people their age. They also could use some support with everything they are going through, and obviously they are in close proximity of each other. We don’t necessarily want to see Callie cheat on AJ if they are in a committed relationship, but if they found each other down the road when the dust clears, there could be something there for some fans to celebrate.

The case against itĀ – The obvious word we really need to emphasize here is “some fans,” given that there are others out there who are not rooting for this pairing, especially now that they are adopted siblings. The main argument against this relationship we’d offer at present is simply that we don’t know if there is enough narrative space in this season to make this happen. They’re both at different various stages of romantic entanglement, and they each now what a can of worms being together will open. How do you put them together without causing much of the world around them to crumble? So long as they are both under the Adams Foster roof, there is a giant “it’s complicated” sign hanging over the two of them.

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