‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Scenarios aplenty

Morgan -“Scenarios” is a word made all the more famous by Jozea on this past season of “Big Brother,” so it’s a shame that he is not on “Big Brother OTT” if for no other reason than that we can hear him say it a million more times. We were all form him and Jason coming in and playing the game at the same time, but that wasn’t to be.

The reason we use the word here is because America almost seems to be playing the game harder and with more paranoia than anyone currently in the game. We’ve read long, detailed arguments as to why to put either Morgan or Monte on the block, and we understand the points of both. Here’s where we stand: If your objective is to try to get Shane or Danielle out this week, the right move to make here is to probably nominate Morgan over Monte. We just don’t see Morgan leaving over either one of them, given that nobody in the house seems to be aware that she and Alex are sisters. To us, the effectiveness of this is based only on the hilarious notion of her leaving on her sister’s Head of Household.

Meanwhile, nominating Monte could mean that there is more of a chance that he leaves over Shane or Danielle, though there’s a lot of time for things to still morph and evolve. What we know is that people like Justin and Kryssie hate Monte and would be more than happy to have him gone.

So who does the house think is in danger of America’s nomination? Monte and Scott both agree that it could be one of them, and they are aided in this somewhat because of the fact that they were both made Have-Nots in the house yesterday.

Tonight, we’ll at least get 100% verification that Shane and Danielle are going on the block. There hasn’t been any major change in the plan today. (Photo: CBS.)

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