‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 4 video: Ben McKenzie, Benedict Samuel talk Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter -

Even thought we saw the departures — at least for now — of Fish Mooney and Hugo Strange on “Gotham” Monday night, it remains clear that there are some other ne’er-do-wells that are coming to take their place. Specifically, we’re looking in the direction of one Jervis Tetch, whose Mad Hatter is going to be a significant force throughout the weeks ahead and could be a very different sort of challenge for Jim Gordon and the GCPD.

As both Ben McKenzie and Benedict Samuel explain in the video below from Fox, what makes this character so challenging is that he’s a psychological opponent, someone who can get into Gordon’s end and expose the vulnerabilities of his soul. He’s demented enough to not care what he does to others, and he seems intent on creating a certain brand of chaos in the world.

So what’s the difference between him and The Joker? As Samuel explains, there is someone he does care about deeply in his sister Alice. He wants to protect her, especially since no one else can. She has a virus that, if transmitted to another person, brings out the worst in them. Jervis is immune to it, not that it really matters much since he is already the worst possible version of himself. Alice doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and unfortunately has no control on what her brother does in the name of saving her.

The one thing that does feel abundantly clear at the moment is that Jervis is not going anywhere in the near future; he’ll stay violent, manipulative, and could eventually try to use his sister’s blood as away to cause more chaos in the city.

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