‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 video: Watch the first eight minutes now!

Teen wolf -This weekend, MTV held a panel for “Teen Wolf” season 6 while at New York Comic-Con, and it turned out to be a rather-lively affair. Not only did many of the cast members have a chance to speak out, but the network also unveiled the first extended footage from what lies ahead.

This preview contains just about everything that we envision fans of the show wanting in setting up the final season. It begins with a rather quiet scene between Hayden and Liam, and wastes little time after that before things start to get crazy. Many familiar faces turn up, there is some action, and Scott and Stiles ponder over something that will probably be a theme for much of the season still to come: What is their legacy, and are they really even needed in Beacon Hills anymore? They could move on, but ultimately, they’re going to find out in a very short of time that they still have a set of skills that very much make them in-demand.

We like the idea that the show is exploring here when it comes to a life beyond this town, mostly because it’s only human for people to think that way. Imagine what these characters have been through, and then remember their ages. They all likely do want to move forward to the next thing, and envision a way in which they can be safe. Maybe that never happens, but we understand the desire for it.

On the relationship front, a quick tease from creator Jeff Davis is that the writers wanted to “bring some relationships full circle” this season, and “give the audience at least a few things they want.” Could this include Stiles and Lydia being together? Well, time will tell…

For now if you’re a Stydia ‘shipper, we point you to the other trailer that MTV released recently for the upcoming episodes. The new season will premiere November 15. (Photo: MTV.)

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