‘Game of Thrones’ season 7: Emilia Clarke has a little fun on set

Dany -

The seventh season of “Game of Thrones” is currently in production for HBO, and if there is one thing that is well-known about this, it is that this is one of the hardest sets to get information about in the business — and for good reason. For some reason, there are some people out there who want to spoil the good time of what’s coming up next!

With this, we rely on social media more than ever as a beacon for good stories, and we’re definitely rather grateful at present to have some good stuff courtesy of Emilia Clarke. The actress behind the Mother of Dragons herself in Daenerys has put a couple of new teases on Instagram over the past two days, even though neither one of them is necessarily revealing when it comes to the story that is coming up. In one, you get what is basically a reminder that she still has the famous hair; the other (which is a video), you get the sense that it is extremely windy in Northern Ireland at the time of production.

While it may seem like almost nothing, the weather one is almost a worthy reminder in some ways of what makes the upcoming seventh season in particular so interesting. The series is filming a little later in the year, and as a result of that there could be different conditions than the cast is used to. In turn, this should make Westeros feel all the more wintry. Certainly appropriate, no?

Alas, the new season will not premiere until the summer of next year, so hopefully Clarke has many more good social-media teases to come!

While there may not be much breaking in the world of “Game of Thrones” right now, we still suggest heading over here to see everything from reviews to other stories. (Photo: HBO.)

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