‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6, episode 3 video: Cinderella’s origin story … again

Cinderella -There is something exciting about Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time” in that we’re finally getting the chance to see the return of Jessy Schram as Cinderella. Yet, at the same time we will be the first to admit that we’re a little bit confused in regards to the continuity of it all.

If you watch this sneak peek below coupled with the Cinderella origin story from season 1, there are some elements of it that are a little odd — and many of the wicked members of Cinderella’s family have been clearly recast. In a way, we do understand why the show would want to do this, given that this is a popular character, and you want to try to make the most with her as best you can. We just wonder why they didn’t set this story at a slightly-different time, or away from the ball that has already defined the character in many ways.

We could continue to throw questions out there regarding Cinderella / Ashley’s role in this episode, but we may be wasting our time in doing so. The reality is that in one way or another, she will be tied into the Land of Untold Stories — maybe this is tied to her stepsisters or step mother somehow.

Bonus sneak peek – This one is all about Regina trying to uncover clues on the Evil Queen’s whereabouts, which is going to continue to prove to be no easy task. Mr. Hyde is really the only source of information in regards to what she is up to, and he’s not being all too forthcoming.

For more news regarding “Once Upon a Time,” be sure to take a look at some other news on what lies ahead via the episode’s synopsis! Tomorrow, we will be back with a full review of everything that transpired.

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