‘Scorpion’ season 3 spoilers: Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee talk Walter’s journey to Ireland

SCORPIONClearly, at the moment character backstory is a priority for the members of the “Scorpion” writers room. It was earlier this week when we learned that Lea Thompson was going to be guest-starring on at least two episodes of the show as Paige’s mother; now, we are learning that we are going to have a chance to see more of Walter’s backstory in a different way.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Katharine McPhee teased a little bit of this story, saying that with Walter overseas “you get to see the relationships with some of his old neighbors growing up and people who never really liked him or were jealous of him.” We imagine that this has to be a somewhat-interesting situation for him to be in, given that like any person who grew up an outcast, there is a part of you that inevitably wants to “show” everyone that you have moved forward and are now at a great spot in your life.

Meanwhile, Elyes Gabel added the following about it:

“It’s going back to the base of why he changed and what made him, which will hopefully enable you to understand him a little bit more.”

There is an old adage that in order to understand someone’s future, you have to understand the past; maybe that will be true here. If nothing else, we do imagine that it will be fun to see a little more of where he came from. If nothing else, maybe this will get us further to patching things up between Walter and Paige. While some of their tension started to heal at the end of the two-hour premiere, they’re not all the way back to where they once were. It’s especially understandable when you consider for a moment here how far out of his way Walter went to sabotage things with Tim.

We’ll see where this story goes; for now, new episodes are going to air Monday nights on CBS. (Photo: CBS.)

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