‘Shark Tank’ review: Night Runner 270, Raising Wild, The Cookie Kahuna, TekDry

Shark Tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” is airing what is easily our most-anticipated episode of the season, and for several different reasons. First of all, we’re getting a chance to see former Famous Amos cookie founder Wally Amos back with a new product in The Cookie Kahuna. In addition to that, we actually think that there is potential with every product featured tonight. Fashion brands have a good history on the show, jogging innovations have a huge market of appeal, and we know already that TekDry are making waves — further proof that not all companies need to rely on this show and its audience for success.

As per usual, we’re updating this review LIVE. Check back throughout for more updates on some of these products; we’ve also got links to every one of them below if you want to check them all out for yourself.

Raising Wild – They’re functional swimsuits for people who are actually looking to get in the water, and not just lie around on the sand (though we presume they work fine for that, as well). You gotta love the passion and the spirit that was exhibited here. These two ladies behind the brand love it, and feel like they have something that could matter to moms out there. The issue is that they need a lot of help, and we are not quite sure that their target demo is going to be willing to spend more than $100 for a swimsuit.

Barbara Corcoran made them an offer, and it was one that commanded a TON of ownership. She wanted control, and we don’t quite blame her. The reality is that these two don’t have business experience, and passion only goes so far. That’s why taking the deal ultimately was the right move for them.

The Cookie Kahuna – This is Wally Amos’ new company, one apparently using the original recipe that made Famous Amos a hit many years ago. It was absolutely a bummer to see Wally not make a deal, but not a surprise given what we learned through his pitch. There’s no way for him to make money with his cost per unit being so high, and with Famous Amos owning his likeness and even his name, there really wasn’t much he could bring to the table. It’s sad, but entertainment-wise it was faun to have him in the tank.

TekDry – Here’s a story of a brand that had a good idea and ran with it. Their product (which helps to dry devices impacted by water damage) is already in Staples; can it go beyond that? We feel like this show filmed before some of those deals were finalized, but their success since the Tank at getting this in more retail stores to us shows that Kevin O’Leary was right to go in with an offer. The big challenge they face is likely educating people that this is out there; once they do that, it could be a game changer — at least for people who don’t have iPhone 7s.

Night Runner 270 – This innovation makes it easier to jog at nighttime without being so fearful of incoming traffic. What’s interesting, though, is that the name may be the biggest thing holding this company back, given that so much of their money could come via people who are using it for work purposes. There was a LOT of attention in the Tank for the product, and they even had an offer from all three Sharks on the table at one point. There was mass bickering here, and that was a part of the fun! In the end, they got a great deal from Robert that they were comfortable with, and this works because he is actually a runner and knows the audience.

For more updates on “Shark Tank” past and present, hopefully you know where to go: Our official archive page! We also recorded a podcast on this past episode, and we like to think it’s worthy of a listen. (ABC.)

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