‘Shiptober: Should ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 be the year of Daryl, Carol?

The Walking Dead

Mrs. Carter: Are “Caryl” ‘shippers finally going to get what they want on “The Walking Dead” season 7?

In the immediate aftermath of what transpired at the end of season 6 with Negan, it feels like the primary order of business is going to be mourning the dead. While it’s possible that Negan chose Daryl to die, we doubt it given the revolts that it would cause among the fan base (us included). He may be a character invented for the show (meaning there are no comic ties), but imagining this world without him is just an impossible task.

Eventually, there will be light once more in Alexandria and beyond. This is a show where characters have to find a glimmer of hope within darkness to maintain any semblance of sanity, and several people have over the years. Look at Rick and Michonne recently, or look at Glenn and Maggie. Falling in love may be more organic within a zombie apocalypse than anywhere else; you are stripped so much of the day to day facade, and reduced to the core of who you really are and what you believe in. Unless you’re someone like Eugene and can put on airs about who you are, it is hard to preserve or keep that image up for long.

Daryl and Carol know each other better than anyone; they have an intrinsic emotional bond, they are loving, they are supportive, and they’ve both been reborn through the tragedy of the events around them. Daryl is arguably now a much more evolved person than when we first met him, and Carol is stronger than she ever was before. You can feel the bond between Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride through their scenes, and that only further accents their bond to fans.

Even if they’re not together romantically, the series certainly does not shy away from giving you reasons as a viewer to think that such a pairing could be a possible. Will it happen in season 7? There are cases to be for it in this particular ‘Shiptober‘ entry.

The case for it happening now – If you are ever going to pair Daryl up with someone, now is the time. In the wreckage of the latest tragedy with Negan he and Carol could find comfort in each other, and in turn this could allow for more moments of vulnerability between them – moments they may hesitate to share with anyone else. You want to see these characters break down, but with a shoulder to cry on. It has been a long time coming for these two and with both of them being such lonely souls they would be a beautiful light in this very dark world.

The case for it down the road – If you are one of those fans who legitimately thinks that “The Walking Dead” could last another four or five seasons, maybe you think there are enough romantic pairings elsewhere to not push forward this one right away. Maybe it’s a final-season pairing in your mind.

The case for it never – Maybe you subscribe to the theory that Daryl is asexual, or is merely not someone who feels comfortable with being loved on a romantic level. Maybe he maintains a fear of it being reciprocated or that he cannot be the worthy partner they desire and deserve. Or, maybe you ‘ship the characters somewhere else. All are acceptable – that’s what’s wonderful about shipping!

If you look into your own crystal ball, what do you see for Daryl and Carol? Share below, and be sure to check out the lineup for the star-studded “Talking Dead” premiere coming later this month! For the record, what we’re writing here is merely fun speculation based on where characters are at present —- these ‘Shiptober’ articles are not facts for the upcoming season.

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