‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 1 review: Did Walter tell Paige how he feels?

Walter -Tonight, the season 3 premiere of “Scorpion” arrived, and with it came a heck of a lot of excitement as the team was thrust headfirst into one of its most action-packed cases ever. As a matter of fact, this was all so intense that it caused the team to have to put some of their own feelings on the back burner for a little while and focus on the task in front of them.

We’re not going to say that the mission was that interesting, at least beyond the central premise that much of the world was in jeopardy. Admittedly, we don’t watch the show as much for the missions as we do for the comedy and romance. For example, watching Sylvester gamble in Bulgaria proved to be supremely entertaining.

Unfortunately for Walter O’Brien, when the topic of his feelings came back up it was not in the most positive way possible. Not only did he follow Tim and Paige up to Lake Tahoe, but in the process he tried to sabotage their weekend by changing Tim’s room to the other side of the hotel, and then also making it harder on them to have romantic places to visit. He tried to admit to his feelings for her before some of that stuff came out, but now his foot’s so far in his mouth that it doesn’t quite matter. He did utter the words “I love you” out of earshot of her, but here’s another problem: Tim heard it, and now they’re going to have a little talk.

Elsewhere on the relationship front, Toby is still upset with Happy over the marriage he was never told about. She claims that she will fix it, but hasn’t clearly gotten around to it just yet.

For the premiere episode, we do think that this was right in the show’s sweet spot: Funny, intense, and enough ‘shipper stuff to keep everyone happy. While it may not have introduced much in the way of surprises, it doesn’t quite need to. “Scorpion” knows at this point what works, and there’s no reason to stray from that. Episode Grade: B+.

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