‘Gotham’ season 3, episode 3 review: Meet the Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter -

The Mad Hatter is in our mind one of the cooler villains that exists within the Batman universe, so as a result of that, seeing this master hypnotist appear on “Gotham” was a thrill. He’s incredibly intelligent, shrewd, craft, and certainly intent on getting what he wants. On the show this season, that just so happens to be finding his sister Alice at all costs. He knows she’s powerful and dangerous, and maybe he wants to help her … and help himself by being able to control what she does at the same time. This is a guy who thinks of himself just as much as others.

He’s also someone who came close to hypnotizing Jim Gordon to death. He brought him up on a ledge, and then tried to convince him to come down for “everlasting peace.” Thankfully, Alice rescued him before things got weirder … but was this really a rescue at all? He could turn her in to the authorities if it means helping himself.

What makes life for Jim all the more complicated was the appearance of Lee Thompkins back in Gotham, who has a new fiance in turn. Here’s what makes this crazier: Mario just so happens to be the son of Carmine Falcone, who has a knack for coming back and stirring up trouble here and there still.

As for what else we saw, tonight gave us the further continuation of the Penguin’s political conquests, which certainly appear fun on the surface but probably are far more devastating to the people in the city. This Mayoral election could cause as many problems for the city as it resolves. Also, the bromance with Nygma is back! We really need more of the Riddler this season. We could also stand to see more of Bruce / Other Bruce, mostly because it was a start and an end to the episode but not much in between. Selina’s still hunting for Ivy, and while Bruce may be offering to help her now, here’s the problem: It’s not actually Bruce. His doppelganger has officially taken on impersonation duties.

Before we say anything else, one last note on the Hatter for tonight: That scene with him hypnotizing / un-hypnotizing Barbara was hilarious. Episode Grade: B+.

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