NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Josette, Natasha Bure, Courtney Harrell perform in blind auditions #5

VoiceTonight, “The Voice” is kicking off its final week of Blind Auditions, and we hope that they did save some of the best talent for last! These are some of the people we’ll be seeing on the show potentially until November or December, so we hope that there are some good people trying out. If nothing else, we can at least say that we’re starting off this LIVE review on the right foot.

Whitney & Shannon – It’s interesting: We previewed this audition before the show, and in looking at the coaches on paper, it felt like Alicia Keys had the smallest amount to offer on the basis of genre. The other three coaches all had closer connections to their song choice in “Landslide.” Yet, consider this proof that sometimes, it’s really all about the pitch: She did a wonderful job appealing to these two ladies, and that was enough to win them over. Team Alicia.

Johnny Rez – “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls is a pretty common audition track. Yet, he did figure out a way to bring something new to it, and he caught our attention in addition to the coaches. Unlike with Whitney & Shannon, though, there wasn’t much in the way of drama here after the fact. Team Adam.

Maye Thomas – Team Miley’s got another member! She certainly chose a current song in “Roses,” and there has to be a certain degree of irony in the fact that she went with a coach who has been wearing dozens of flowers on her the entirety of the season so far. Team Miley.

Courtney Harrell – She’s got a history of writing for big artists. Now, she gets the chance to work with one. After a pretty sensational performance, we figure one of the most interesting things that people will discuss here is her choice of Blake over Alicia, something that the country singer is still apparently shocked about. Team Blake.

Kylie Rothfield – Now, Alicia was able to get Kylie on her team after her OneRepublic cover, and with that we’ve got some good news: Her team is officially complete! (There was also a montage in there, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone — it happens here and there.) Team Alicia.

Natasha Bure – Sure, she’s Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter, but more than that, we are rather pleased to say that she’s a very good performer! She’s got a ton of charisma and energy, and she’s not afraid to distance herself from her “Full House” star mom. Team Adam.

Blaine Long – We love the guy’s voice, and even his swagger. There’s a warmth to him that is really fun. After Blake officially set his team in stone with him, we were starting to feel like the country star really could have a good group this time. Team Blake.

Ponciano Seoane – Meet Team Adam’s final artist, a guy who can do some really cool things with his voice — and someone not afraid to take on difficult songs such as Phillip Phillips’ “Home.” This was emotional, and also very solid vocally. Team Adam.

Josette – Meet the final contestant moving forward, a singer-songwriter type who managed to win over Miley Cyrus, who we think probably has the most interesting team moving into the next round. She’s got multiple genres, and also probably has a drive to win. Team Miley.

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